Making Drinking in Public Classy

What’s better than drinking a nice, cold alcoholic beverage on a summer day?  Drinking it in the park.  What’s even better?  Not having a paper bag involved.

Behold, a vintage Jack Daniels cocktail traveling case.  I found this at the Value Village on North Avenue (for those of you who live in Baltimore) buried under some plastic dust-covered crap.  It’s in amazing condition and even comes with a little booklet talking about the history of Jack Daniels.  It was only $3 and it definitely made my day.  I’m debating whether I should keep this or sell it on my etsy site.  It’s pretty tempting.

Yeah, I started a blog

Considering I barely know how to check to my email, it’s a little nutty that I started a blog.  (My mom started one a few weeks ago and I thought the world was ending.)  But this is really more aobut living well under extreme financial duress than using a computer.  So, here goes.

I found these drawers in an alley near my apartment and I liked them because of the handles and the wood–very 70s.  But the front of the smaller one had fallen off, and they’re just loose drawers, so I had to figure out what I wanted to do with them.  I repaired the drawer pretty easily with some wood glue and then painted the insides my second favorite color, gold.  For the bigger one, I made little dividers (with my typewriter–so cute!) and turned it into a file cabinet.  I stacked the smaller one on top and am using it for scarves now.  Here are the before and after pictures: